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28 Apr

Jesus is God’s True Son

Matthew 17:24-27  By using the illustration that he is exempt from the Temple tax, Jesus establishes that He is the Son of God.  And then He further establishes that He is by having a fish provide the money for the Temple tax.  He is a miracle worker and We should follow Him alone!

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14 Apr

The Longest Journey

Matthew 17:22,23  In late fall of A.D. 29, Jesus tells his disciples how he was going to Jerusalem to die for the sins of the world.  And then he proceeds on a long journey from there to Palm Sunday.  His reason for going?  His love for you and I.  Rejoice in His love today!

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07 Apr

Faith and the Moving of Mountains

Matthew 17:14-21   Jesus teaches us that faith, as small as a mustard seed, is enough to move the tallest of mountains.  The question is, what is your faith in?  Let it be in Jesus alone!

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31 Mar

The Transfiguration of Jesus

Matthew 17:1-13  The transfiguration of Jesus reminds us that Jesus is greater than all others, as well as giving a preview of what will come in His Kingdom.  As we follow Jesus, we will be transformed to be like Him.

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24 Mar

The Cost of Following Jesus

Matthew 16:21-28  The fact is, following Jesus means taking up our cross and denying ourselves.  But, in the end, what else is out there that is worth more than following Him?  The answer is nothing.

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