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24 Nov

The Priority of Giving Thanks

Luke 17:11-19  When Jesus healed the 10 Lepers, He told them to go and show themselves to the priest, who would declare them clean.  However, one man turned back to give thanks.  His priority was to give thanks, not to get his life back.  May our lives always reflect that thanksgiving is a priority for […]

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17 Nov

The Triumph of the Coming King

Zechariah 14.    This is the culmination of history, knowing that one day Jesus will come again and set the world aright.  May we cling to this truth with all of our hearts.

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10 Nov

There is a Fountain

Zechariah 13.  God has promised a fountain of salvation for those who place their faith and trust in Him.

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27 Oct

The Care of the Shepherd

Zechariah 11.  From the Series, “The Prophet Zechariah.”

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29 Sep

Let Your Hands Be Strong

Zechariah 8.  God promises to bless the people of Jerusalem once again.  He only encourages them to continue on in the work He has called them to do. Let us be encouraged to continue with what God has called us to do, knowing that He will bless us with revival.

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