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Even though Joseph interprets the dreams for the butler, he promptly forgets about Joseph when he is restored.
On Easter Sunday, we see the King of Kings, risen in power and victory
On Palm Sunday, we see the King of Kings riding on a lowly donkey
Joseph must Deal with the Temptation that Potiphar’s wife throws at him.
Judah learns that humans cannot thwart the plans and purposes of God.
Joseph must deal with the hatred and bitterness of his brothers toward him.
As Jacob journeys back to Bethel, he meets sorrow, finds God’s blessing, and purifies his life from the false idols his family had been worshiping. This is in contrast with…
Jesus tells the church in Laodicea to stop being lukewarm and complacent in their faith.
Jesus tells the church in Philadelphia to hold fast to what they have so that they might gain the crown of life.
Jesus tells the church in Sardis to wake up and strengthen what they have left, in order that they not die.

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