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Abraham and Sarah are told that they would have a child, despite their elderly age. We must believe God no matter how difficult the circumstances we face.
In the act of circumcision, a reminder is given to us of the faithfulness of God's covenant with Abram, and ultimately with us.
In ch.16, we see an example of what happens when we fail to see the way God does, as well as a reminder that He sees us in our low…
In chapter 15 of Genesis, we see the covenant God made with Abram and what it means to place our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
In Abram's rescue of Lot, we see a picture of God's rescue of us by our Great High Priest Jesus Christ.
When Abram and Lot separate, Lot chooses the beautiful land, despite the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah. He soon regrets that mistake.
Even though God has called Abram, he runs to Egypt when times get hard. Turning to the world should never be an option for the believer.
The story of how God takes an unknown idolator, with no children, and makes him the father of the Jewish people.
The commitment to Christian priorities is not just a new year's resolution, but a commitment throughout our lives. The reason is because Christ is risen.
As believers, we follow the example of Christ in serving our fellow man.

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