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The Book of Proverbs shares great wisdom on how rulers should act and how citizens should treat their rulers.
If one desires to be wise, they must listen to good, godly guidance.

Wisdom on Discipline

June 11, 2023
If we are to successfully discipline our children, we must heed the discipline of the Lord in our own lives.
As we begin our study of Proverbs, we understand that the fear of the Lord is the path to true wisdom.

For We Know

June 4, 2023
Paul's Belief in the Resurrection is what motivates him to press on in times of difficulty and despair.
The ending chapters of the life of Joseph reflects that he has learned from the trials he went through.
After 20 long years, Joseph is reunited with his father and brothers for good.
As Joseph tests his brothers, he discovers that they have repented of their actions towards him.
As Joseph tests his brothers, they begin to realize that they are accountable for their past sins towards him.
Pharoah’s butler remembers Joseph, causing a meteoric rise in his prominence

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