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18 Aug

When God Dwells in Our Midst

Zechariah 2. The Lord promises the city of Jerusalem that He will dwell in their midst and be their God. So we pray that the Presence of God will dwell in the midst of our church today.

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12 Aug

Repentance Precedes Revival

Zechariah 1.  In the opening chapter of Zechariah, God promises to bring restoration to the people of Israel, but first calls on them to repent.  May we understand that true revival comes only after we repent of our waywardness towards God.

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04 Aug

A Prayer for God to be a Refuge

Psalm 142  David prays this prayer when he is in a cave, hiding.  He realizes that God is his only refuge and there is no one else he can turn to.  May we find our refuge in God alone.  

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28 Jul

A Prayer for New Parents

Psalm 127  The Psalmist mentions how God is the only one who can truly build a family.  May we learn to seek the help of the Heavenly Father as we try to raise our families to love and serve the Lord.

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21 Jul

A Prayer for Vindication to Come from God

Psalm 17.  A Prayer for Vindication to Come From God.

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