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As the rebuilding of Jerusalem began, there arose an opposition trying to stop the work. We must press on and resist the enemy who wants to stop the move of…
In Ezra 2, we have a long list of names who came back to Jerusalem. The offer still stands for us to come back to God and receive His mercy…

The Sovereign Hand of God

September 20, 2020
No matter how severe the situation we find ourselves in, we remember that everything that happens is through the sovereign hand of God.
We can live a faithful life knowing that this life is not our final destination.
We can live a faithful life knowing that nothing can separate us from God's love in Christ.
Even though the world seems to be coming undone, we remember that God is in control through it all.
As Christians, our calling is to hold on to the end. Christ will reward our faithfulness in the end.
Pastors must be faithful to lead God's people, as well as everyone who is in a position of Leadership in the church.
As Christians, we suffer and go through hard times. However, we are called to be faithful even in the midst of suffering.
Just as Christ suffered on the cross and died for our sins, we should follow His example by being willing to suffer for doing what is right in the eyes…

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