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Jesus tells the church of Thyatira that they must be intolerant of the woman Jezebel who has corrupted them with her immorality.
Jesus tells the church in Pergamum that although their determination is good, they also must be discerning in who they tolerate and listen to.
Jesus speaks to the church in Smyrna and encourages them to be faithful unto death.
Jesus speaks to the church of Ephesus to remind them not to lose their first love.
In Revelation 1, we see the risen and Victorious Christ speaking to His church.
Although man has never seen God, in Christ we see our Heavenly Father.
We know what truth is because we know who Christ is. He shows us the truth.
Despite everything that is happening in our world, we rest assured knowing that Christ rules and reigns over all.
In this chapter, we see the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau occurring after Jacob wrestles with God.
Jacob wrestles with God and his life is changed. God still changes lives today
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