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29 Sep

Let Your Hands Be Strong

Zechariah 8.  God promises to bless the people of Jerusalem once again.  He only encourages them to continue on in the work He has called them to do. Let us be encouraged to continue with what God has called us to do, knowing that He will bless us with revival.

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15 Sep

The Coming-King Priest

Zechariah 6.  Zechariah sees the last vision, depicting God judging the nations that came against Israel.  He then sees the coronation of Joshua the High Priest, symbolizing the fact that Jesus Christ will one day rule this world as king of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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08 Sep

When God Deals With Wickedness

Zechariah 5.  In the 6th and 7th visions, Zechariah sees visions of wickedness pervading the land.  However, he also sees where God deals with the wickedness once and for all.  So we look forward to the day when sin is dealt with finally and we are free from the curse and bondage of sin.

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01 Sep

By My Spirit, Says the Lord

Zechariah 4.  Zechariah receives a message for Zerubbabel, governor of Jerusalem, that the Temple will be rebuilt, but not by human might or power.  It will be rebuilt by the Spirit of God.  May we understand that any work of God will only be accomplished by His Spirit.

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25 Aug

Getting Past Your Guilt

Zechariah 3.  Joshua, the High Priest is declared clean and righteous before God.  God has forgiven us and we no longer have to be bound by the guilt of our past.  We can get past it.

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