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Despite everything that is happening in our world, we rest assured knowing that Christ rules and reigns over all.
In this chapter, we see the reconciliation of Jacob and Esau occurring after Jacob wrestles with God.
Jacob wrestles with God and his life is changed. God still changes lives today
As Jacob and Laban part their ways, a heap of stones is piled as a witness to the treaty that they have made.
God brings the chosen nation from the pain of two women who have been hurt and betrayed by each other and their husband.
Jacob the deceiver is deceived by his own father in law, causing us to consider how we are treating others in our lives.
God meets Jacob at the lowest point of his life in a life transforming dream.

Despite the fact that Isaac repeats the sins of his father, God still shows himself faithful to Abraham's seed.
In the story of Isaac and Jacob, we see the providence of God working through Abraham's offspring to bring about His plans and purposes.
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