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The Garden was a place of intense sorrow and suffering for the Lord, and yet a place of great strength as angels minister to him in his time of need.
Jesus shares in his last supper with his disciples, thus setting a pattern for us to remember his death for our sins.
Jesus finishes his teachings on his second coming by explaining what the great final judgment will be like. 
This first way to wait for the Coming of the Lord is to be prepared.  This is the teaching of the parable of the ten virgins.
The Pharisees requested a guard for Jesus’ tomb, saying that the imposter claimed he would rise again.  You are not an imposter if it’s true.  He is Risen!
As Jesus enters the city on Palm Sunday, the crowd asks who this was?  The same question is for us today, who is Jesus to us?
Jesus’ feet are anointed at Bethany and yet, Judas plots to betray him.  Will our reaction to Jesus be worship or rejection?
Matthew 24:1-14.  In Matthew 24, Jesus points to the signs of His Second Coming as well as the destruction of Jerusalem.
In pronouncing the seven woes against the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus warns them, and us, of spiritual hypocrisy that can take root in our lives.
Jesus warns the disciples and the crowd to watch out for those who are spiritual hypocrites.  We must be aware of that same hypocrisy in our lives today.
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