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As We struggle to live in a fallen creation, we can look forward to a new heaven and earth; a new creation.
Human beings were given a mandate by God to have dominion over the earth. We must be fruitful, multiply, and steward the environment as faithful servants of God.
We rest because God Himself rested in creation. Our rest demonstrates our dependence upon God and points to the rest we have in Christ.
Work is more than just about survival but is rooted in the created order itself.
We believe in the family because God created the family.
The reason the church celebrates marriage is that it is rooted in the created order, as well as speaking of our relationship to Christ.
Every life has meaning and purpose, especially since they were created by God.
As Christians, we have a proper view of civil government because of the freedom we have in Christ.
We have been set free in Christ, but our freedom is not for ourselves, but rather to serve others.
The true source of freedom in any life is found in a relationship with Christ and knowing the truth.
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