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17 Sep

The Authority of Jesus over the Natural and Supernatural

Matthew 8:23-34  Jesus calms the storm and drives out demons.  He is the all powerful One, not the storms of life or the attack of the enemy.

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10 Sep

What’s Your Excuse?

Matthew 8:18-22  All kinds of people wanted to follow Jesus, but they had an excuse as to why they couldn’t right then.  Are we following Him or providing excuses?

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28 Aug

A Psalm of Worship to our King

Psalm 45.  The psalmist speaks about the king of kings and Lord of Lords.  God is truly worthy of our praise and He is the true King over all the earth.

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20 Aug

An Unchanging Hope

Psalm 102  In spite of all the changes and turns and twists of life, God does not change.  Our hope is fixed eternally in Him and He will never change.

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13 Aug

Joyful in God

Psalm 65.  The psalmist expresses the joy he has found in God.  May our lives be filled with that joy as we rejoice in the goodness of God.

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