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In Philemon, we learn what it means to forgive each other in light of the fact that Christ has forgiven us.
As Abraham dies, we look at a life of faith and ask if we will dare to live a life of faith.
In finding a bride for Isaac, we see a picture of how God has chosen His Church as a bride for Christ.
In the death of Sarah, Abraham displays grief and yet reminds us that death is not the end. Because Christ lives, we will live forever.
In God calling Abraham to sacrifice his son, we are reminded that God has provided the sacrifice of His own Son for us.

And God Blessed Them

June 19, 2022
Following God's Order of Creation leads to His blessings in our lives.
God's promises are fulfilled in Abraham's Life causing him to see God's everlasting faithfulness.
Jesus tells his disciples that it is necessary that He go away so that the Holy Spirit will come to lead them.
God is Faithful to Abraham Despite Abraham's Failure to Trust Him Again.
At the end of Genesis 19, we see the destruction of Lot's family as his decision to remain in Sodom and Gomorrah takes his wife and ruins his daughters.
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