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15 Mar

Missing the Point of It All

Matthew 21:12-22.  Just as the Jews failed to comprehend the Temple being a place of prayer, so we can miss the point of what God is

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08 Mar

The Arrival of the King

Matthew 21:1-11  A contrast between the coming of Jesus on Palm Sunday and the Second Coming

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23 Feb

Do You Get It?

Matthew 20:17-28.  Following Jesus is not about power or prestige; it’s about being willing to lay down your life for Him

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16 Feb

The Workers in the Vineyard

Matthew 20:1-16.  God’s Justice and Mercy is Seen in how he treats the last workers in the Vineyard.

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09 Feb

How to Inherit Eternal Life

Matthew 19:13-30.  If a person would really follow Christ, they must be willing to give up everything

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