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In the consecration of the firstborn and the feast of unleavened bread, God provides a way in which the Israelites would remember what he had done in delivering them from…
The Passover commemorated the Exodus from Egypt and our deliverance from the slavery of sin.
In the death of the firstborn, Yahweh demonstrates his justice against the Egyptians but displays his love in sacrificing his own firstborn.
In sending the plagues to the Egyptians, God demonstrates his power over the idols of Egypt.
Moses was able to be God's leader in part because of the faith of his parents, Amram and Jochebed.
Pharoah hardens his heart against God and his heart is hardened by God as well.    
As Moses faces discouragement from the rejection by Pharoah and the Israelites, God again promises deliverance.
Although God had promised deliverance for the Israelites, when Moses and Aaron approached Pharoah, he made their lives harder, not easier.
As God prepares Moses to lead the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt, He must teach Moses lessons in obedience.
Paul points out that Jesus, whom God raised, is the one who can set people free from their sins. Contact us for more information about Jesus or the ministry of…
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