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Understanding that our time on earth is limited should cause us to invest our time wisely.
Despite the fact that there was so much to do in order to host a dinner, Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus. May we see the worship…
The Journey to Christmas begins as Mary and Joseph say yes to the Plan and Purposes of God.
The Journey to Christmas is seen throughout the pages of the Old Testament as God was preparing a people through whom the Messiah would come
The Journey to Christmas began not on the Road to Bethlehem, but in eternity past as God Planned our Salvation.
Using the Apostle's Paul prayer for the church of Colossae, here is our prayer for our church.
The building of the Tower of Babel is the symbol of man's arrogance and rebellion against God. It also symbolizes our modern world as we attempt to live our lives…
Noah's failure reminds us of the consequences of our actions, but also of the mercy of God as he offers forgiveness to those who call upon him.
As we look at God’s Covenant with Noah, we remember the covenant He has made with us on the cross.
At the end of the flood, God remembers Noah.  God has not abandoned us as well.

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