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18 Sep

Four Elements to a Church on Fire

Acts 2:42-47  The early church devoted itself to worship, fellowship, prayer, and the Word of God.  And God did signs and wonders among them.  A church on fire for God must have these elements.

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11 Sep

They Were Filled With the Holy Spirit

They were filled with the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2.  The early church was on fire because they were filled with the Holy Spirit.  That should be the goal of our church and members.  To be filled with His Spirit.

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04 Sep

Made Me Glad

Psalm 92.  We sing on the Sabbath a song rejoicing in the goodness of God.  He has made us glad by the works of His hands.

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28 Aug

Create in Me a Clean Heart

Psalm 51.  David prays for a clean heart, for a renewed spirit.  So it is with communion, a time when God can forgive and cleanse and set us free.

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25 Aug

Better is One Day in Your House

Psalm 84.  David speaks of the blessings of being in the presence of God.  How better it is that we are in the presence of God than anything else in our lives.

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