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God has provided a feast for all to participate in. Will you receive His grace and forgiveness in your life and join in His Great Feast?
Like the Religious Leaders of Jesus' day, too many of question and doubt that Jesus does not have authority over our lives.

Saved By His Resurrection

April 12, 2020
It is the resurrection that brings the hope of eternal life. We can face life because He lives!

Saved By His Coming

April 5, 2020
The Coming of Christ on Palm Sunday reminds us that a Savior Has Come to set us free.
Just as the Jews failed to comprehend the Temple being a place of prayer, so we can miss the point of what God is.

The Arrival of the King

March 8, 2020
A contrast between the coming of Jesus on Palm Sunday and the Second Coming.

Do You Get It?

February 23, 2020
Following Jesus is not about power or prestige; it’s about being willing to lay down your life for Him

The Workers in the Vineyard

February 16, 2020
God’s Justice and Mercy is Seen in how he treats the last workers in the Vineyard.

How to Inherit Eternal Life

February 9, 2020
If a person would really follow Christ, they must be willing to give up everything.

God’s Design for Marriage

February 2, 2020
God’s design has always been for one man and woman for life.

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