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God's promises are fulfilled in Abraham's Life causing him to see God's everlasting faithfulness.
Jesus tells his disciples that it is necessary that He go away so that the Holy Spirit will come to lead them.
God is Faithful to Abraham Despite Abraham's Failure to Trust Him Again.
At the end of Genesis 19, we see the destruction of Lot's family as his decision to remain in Sodom and Gomorrah takes his wife and ruins his daughters.
An affirmation of the beauty and purpose of God's design for men and women.
In Genesis 19, we see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and a warning for us today.
When Abraham is told of Sodom and Gomorrah's imminent destruction, his first response is to intercede for them. May we do the same for our broken world.
The Stone on Jesus' tomb speaks of death, but also of life.

When Stones Cry Out

April 10, 2022
As Jesus rides into Jerusalem, He states that if the disciples would not praise him, the stones would cry out. We should never let stones praise Him in our place.
Abraham and Sarah are told that they would have a child, despite their elderly age. We must believe God no matter how difficult the circumstances we face.
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